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“I have learned so much about how my gut works through the content provided by SANNO and that has helped me to be more conscious about my eating habits. Thanks everyone at SANNO for the great job.”

Moein Akbarof

“Using the tracker in the app helped me a lot to find out what food is good for me and what food is not, and as a result the symptoms (like bloating) became less and less. It is also much clearer to me how the body and digestion works.”

Anja Boumans

“The most supportive and personalised app! Loved using SANNO. I received the best health advice and the customer chat was super helpful and responsive. Would recommend to anyone looking for support with their gut health issues!”


“Super useful app. I have irritable bowel syndrome and this app helps me with the daily difficulties and doubts that arise in relation to my condition. The treatments and diets they recommend are very useful and it is clear that it’s based on scientific studies. A 10/10!”


"I really enjoy using this app to learn about gut health and follow advice from leading professionals in the gut health space. The sessions are all audios or videos which are really easy to process and follow. I really look forward to seeing more of the new programmes coming up!"