SANNO chosen by EIT Health, Takeda and KU Leuven for breakthrough in IBD Care 

SANNO has been selected for a groundbreaking program with EIT Health, Takeda, and KU Leuven, focusing on the early detection and better management of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).It’s not uncommon to feel you have “butterflies in your stomach” before a big presentation, or to get stomach cramps when you are stressed - but have you ever wondered why this happens, or why those sayings exist? You might be surprised to know there is a lot of science behind these peculiar physical manifestations of your internal emotional state, particularly around the connection between your gut, brain and mood regulation.

This initiative focuses on advancing and validating innovative technologies designed to predict IBD flares. While that may sound like a bad thing, these organisms actually play a key role in overall health, influencing everything from digestion and immune function. More research is also starting to show its significant role in shaping our mood and mental health.

The SANNO platform collects and analyses patient data to predict patterns in treatment, enabling better understanding of the patient’s progression with data analytics. The platform also drives patient engagement with personalised content to manage health conditions., and results are looking hopeful. By prioritising gut health through a balanced diet, we can potentially mitigate the risk of chronic inflammation. So whilst it’s not a novel, sexy new drug on the market, could food be the best, most cost-effective preventative medicine for mental health? There’s a good chance.

IBD management is one of the core pillars of SANNO, which integrates digital and lab biomarkers with actionable data, delivering deeper insights into the disease's trajectory and the effectiveness of treatments.

Ariadna Masó, who started SANNO because of her own journey with a gut condition, is passionate about changing IBD care for the better with cutting-edge technology and insights.

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